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All In The Name


The Purple Pear Company

When I began this venture, I thought for a long time about the name. It would encapsulate my thoughts throughout my day, beginning when I first woke, as I took a quiet moment in my house looking out over our garden and beautiful fields that surround us, as well as when I was drifting off to sleep. A name is so important. I contemplated it, day in and day out. I was looking for a name that represented the nourishment, richness and elegance of my natural care  products. I wanted people to connect and think about the philosophy behind choosing The Purple Pear Company. I knew when I found the perfect name, a name that was completely fitting-a little mysterious and simple, which reflected the very ideas that are important to me.


The color purple is often associate with nobility, luxury, power and ambition. It represents extravagance, creativity and wisdom, dignity, peace, and pride. When I think about each of these words, they are precisely what I wanted for every customer; products that will help you feel nourished, cared for, healthy and perfectly pampered. I use only the best, truly natural ingredients, put together in the most meaningful way, to support the best you!


Not only does a pear give nourishment. It is fragile and sweet, a special part of our cuisine. It causes us to slow down and be mindful of its delicate exterior, to take a minute and savior the sweet and juicy inside. The pear is part of many cultures and is prepared in many different ways. This is a reminder that we are all one, no matter the distance, the language or the use of a single item, such as a pear. 

The pear represents inner peace, longevity, purity, wisdom and grace. These products help support the care of your body in pure ways.; helping you feel good about what you are putting on your skin and bringing into your home for all those you care for, big and small. With that in mind, the source of ingredients used are local, sustainable, and fair trade-responsibly sourced from near and far. 


The Purple Pear Company is my very own creation. I take pride in each and every product I offer. This venture would not be possible without the help and support of many, allowing this company to be the absolute best. I put my heart and soul into each product I create. I believe in my products and trust that you will see their many benefits.

Putting these individually powerful words together into a name stands for everything I want for my customers. The ability to use luxurious products that are completely natural, feeling good about the decisions you are making for yourself and the ones you care about. Knowing that my products are derived from local, sustainable and fair trade ingredients as well as being consciously packaged, makes it that much easier to choose The Purple Pear Company. 

Helpful Information


I promise to only offer products made by naturally derived ingredients, which are organic and fair-trade whenever possible. 

I am mindful of the eco-footprint all of us have in every thing we do and every decision we make. I am environmentally conscious and am always striving for the best solutions in sustainability of ingredients and packaging. It is my goal and responsibility to only offer the best products in the best packaging options. 


The Purple Pear Company is built on the belief that change begins with us. Adjusting our daily routines and what we buy is within our control and can make a significant impact on our lovely earth. I constantly look for ways to improve, be more eco-friendly, always striving for the best available ingredients and packaging. I want to leave this world in the best shape possible. The Purple Pear Company was created with exactly that in mind.

Where to shop

Along with purchasing our products from our website, you can find The Purple Pear Company products at:



AVON, NY 14414 


All product containers and packaging are reusable and recyclable. 

Shipping & Handling

I responsibly package my products in an effort to decrease waste. Shipping & handling costs are determined according to current shipping rates, based on the size and weight of each order. 


If you have questions or concerns, please contact me. Unused products may be returned within ten days of purchasing. Shipping fees will be the customer's responsibility.